Lookout tower on Děčínský Sněžník Downhill on scooters

To Děčínský Sněžník (or all the way to Tyssa Walls)

Observation tower Děčínský Sněžník, Tyssa Walls and historical treasures of Podmokly.

Route length 33 km – about 3 hours, asphalt surface, difficulty: requires physical fitness, suitable for families with children if electric bikes are used, or a "cycle bus" that drives you to the top. Ideal for touring bikes, MTB a electrobikes.

Map and GPS.

Take the Elbe Cycle Route towards Germany but turn left about 500 metres after passing the Tyrš Bridge. You will go over the rail crossing and join the "Krušnohorská Artery" cycle route (n. 23). It will take you all the way under the mountain "Děčínský Sněžník". There is a lookout on its top that was built in 1864 by František Thun. It offers a charming view of Czech-Saxony Switzerland and its nature.

From "Sněžník" you can continue along the "Krušnohorská Artery" cycle route to the town of Tisá. Here are the sandstone formations "Tyssa Walls", a highlight of Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

To return you will take the cycle route n. 3017. It ends in Děčín, on "Teplická" street. Take a left here and continue to the "Shepherd's bridge". Take a right here and continue straight ahead to a former brewery, which was recently rebuild into a shopping centre. However, you can still buy locally brewed beer inside. On your way back to the Active-point.cz we recommend seeing the borrough "Podmokly" with its interesting sights, such as the Francis of Assisi Church or the Regional Museum. Then you will go through underpass of the Main Train Station and continue the Labské nábřeží street back to us.

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Rest overlooking the Elbe Sandstones Elbe trail along the river Elbe Elbe trail along the river Elbe

Hřensko – Bad Schandau – Königstein – Dresden

Gate to Bohemian Switzerland, Spa, the largest military fortress and castle in Europe, Florence on the Elbe.

Route length – 14 km (Hřensko) – 24 km (Bad Schandau) – 30 km (Königstein) – 65 km (Dresden), asphalt surface, on the Elbe Cycle Route through a beautiful canyon, also suitable for families with children.You can use the train to get back, there are stops every few kilometres along the route. Ideal for scooters, touring bikes and elctrobikes.

Map and GPS.

If you take the Elbe Cycle Route towards Germany, we recommend stopping by at these interesting locations:


This town is located at the border of Czech Republic and Germany. It is the lowest point of Bohemia at only 119 metres above sea level. The river Kamenice meets Elbe at this point and it offers yet another lovely canyon to ride along.

Bad Schandau

This spa town is a favourite destination because of its thermal spa and water world "Toskana Therme".


Here you will find the Königstein Fortress, situated amidst Elbe Sandstones atop a table hill of the same name. The oldest written mention of the fortress is from 1233, it was a part of the Bohemian Kingdom at the time. Since 1955 it serves as an open-air, military history museum.


Dresden - the "Florence on Elbe" - are Saxony's capital, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Germany. You can find many sights here, such as the Dresden Cathedral (Hofkirche), Frauenkirche or Zwinger (palace in Baroque style).

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Bicycle path to Benešov nad Ploučnicí Bicycle path to Benešov nad Ploučnicí

To Benešov nad Ploučnicí

Chateau complex Benešov nad Ploučnicí, church of Our Lady.

Route length – 11 km – about 1 hour, asphalt and gravel surface, difficulty : this cycle route along the river Ploučnice is suitable for family trips. You can take the train upon your return, there are many stops along the way. Ideal for scooters, touring bikes a electrobikes.

Map and GPS.

Benešov is located close to Děčín and it's main attraction is a renaissance castle. It is a complex of two independent castle parts: Upper and Lower Castle.

You will get there along the pleasant cycle route along the river Ploučnice. At the renaissance stone bridge you get on the cycle route n. 15, which will take you through Děčín to the river Ploučnice. You will pass an indoor ice rink and continue along the cycle route all the way to Benešov nad Ploučnicí. The castle is located at the town square. You can extend your trip along the cycle route to the ruins of "Ostrý Castle" and to the town of "Starý Šachov". It's about 5 kilometres away from Benešov. You can take the train back to Děčín, there are stops every few kilometres.
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Bikepath to Railway Museum in Zubrnice

To Zubrnice

Zubrnice Folk Architecture Museum and the Zubrnice Railway Museum.

Route length – 19 km – about 1,5 hours, asphalt surface, difficulty: pleasant Elbe Cycle Route to "Malé Březno", the route uphill to Zubrnice after that requires physical fitness. Ideal for touring bikes and electrobikes.

Map and GPS.

This town offers a valuable ensemble of folk architecture. Take the Elbe Cycle Route towards Ústí nad Labem. After arriving in Malé Březno take a left to get off the cycle route and get on a traffic road n. 260. After 4,5 kilometres you will climb up to the village of Zubrnice. It is the home of the youngest open-air museum in Bohemia, the Folk Architecture Museum and the Zubrnice Railway Museum. There is also an educational trail leading around the village.

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View from Belvedere View from Belvedere


There are plenty of routes for MTB enthusiasts in the region. For example, old "singletracks" in Elbe's canyon predating the 2nd World War.

To the Belveder Lookout

The way of most beautiful views of the Elbe canyon.

Délka trasy - 25 km, cca 3 h.

Map and GPS.

This route is recommended by the cycling magazine VELO. From Active Point Děčín take ride acros the Tyršův bridge and follow it to Labská Street, continue towards Germany. Continue along the river, past the docks and turn left at the very end of this street. Take a right after that and an immediate left. You will get to a crossway, take the green tourist trail along Elbe. Then switch over to the red trail at another crossway - "Nad Loubím".The red trail will take you all the way to the Belveder Lookout. To return, take the green tourist trail downhill to the waterfront. Use the ferry here to get to the opposite side of Elbe. From here you will take the yellow trail to another crossway, named "Čertova Voda". Switch to the green trail here and it will take you all the way back to Děčín and the Elbe Cycle Route, which will lead you back to the Active Point Děčín.

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Canoe on the Elbe Canoe on the Elbe

Inflatable boat cruises on Elbe

The Labe Canyon and the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland from the river Elbe

Minimum difficulty, suitable for families with children. The Elbe flows very slowly in these places. Ideal for canoes, rafts. a paddleboards.

Děčín – Schmilka

Route length - 15 km – about 3 hours

The cruise starts right from the campsite (Elbe's right bank). In the beggining, a beautiful view at the Děčín Castle and the Shepherd's Wall offers itself. After that, you cruise through the unique nature of Elbe's canyon. Mind the shuttle ferry in "Dolní Žleb" (left bank). The end of cruise is right behind the border in the German town Schmilka (right bank). You can find a great bakery here with a stone furnace.

Děčín – Bad Schandau

Route length - 22 km – about 4 hours

This cruise is the lengthened version of the previous one. You continue through the German part of Elbe's canyon, where you can see the stone formations above the river (Schramstein) and folk architecture. The end of this cruise is located at Elbe's left bank, next to the railway station in Bad Schandau.

How to return from the cruise:

You can return by bike along the Elbe Cycle Route. The journey back from Schmilka takes 2 hours at the most. If you don't have a touring bike or a scooter of your own, you can rent it for 10€/day. For a unique experience we recommend renting the ELECTRIC BIKE. – 24€/day. You can also use the cycle route for in-line skating. Or you can take the train back to Děčín, there are stops every few kilometres along the way. We will also gladly organize transportation for groups.

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