With scooter in front of Děčín CastleTasting at Nomad breweryVisitors of our sightseeing tour

Scooter & Beer craft brewery Nomad

Experience the city of Děčín in a different way. This fascinating scooter tour makes for an even more enjoyable ride than on a regular bike.No special fitness level needed. We offer convenient ride with interesting history facts about the city and its current life within an 2 hours long commented tour. This tour includes seeing a historical centre, the baroque castle, its green park, the breathtaking views from the castle´s terrased garden of the undulating area of Bohemian Highland. We take you to the Elbe cycling trail and last but not least - we make a stop at a local traditional craft beer brewery Nomad. There you´ll taste 5 sorts of a local beer named for example like a Warrior or a Desert Beauty. Sound great? Book the tour now.

Would you like to take the children with you? No problem, they get the local chocolates instead of beer.


  • Sunglasses
  • Wind breaker
  • Bag


  • a scooter, helmet, cable lock
  • bottled water
  • 5x 0.1 l beers or chocolates
  • guide


4 - 8 persons 24 €

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